22 June 2009

Settling ever after

I haven't blogged in eons and need to. So I'll drop a few lines. A couple weeks ago I was watching TV and I was watching the new sitcom that Bob Saget is in - I can't tell you the channel or what it's called, cause I don't know. I looked it up, the show is called Surviving Suburbia. At any rate, I found myself watching it. In this sitcom, the actress that plays Barbara Jean on Reba - that show is HILARIOUS - plays the little girl's teacher. And she plays a character who is unhappy in her marriage (apparently) or perhaps she's recently divorced... and in her unhappy state she tells the little girl, "sometimes you marry the man of your dreams... and sometimes you marry the man who asks."

This just goes to show to me yet again that we live in a society that is so consumed with the idea of being married - regardless of whether or not it's to someone with whom we will have a happy life (notice I don't say perfect).

It seems to me that as women, we have focused so much on proving our worth and strength to a male driven society that we've allowed the men to weaken. We've enabled their laziness and weakness. And continue to validate it.

There has to be a happy medium somewhere. A place where women are respected, honored, cherished and feminine and men are strong, responsible, respectful and masculine. We've come so far away from the chains of gender stereo-types, but we've completely lost the celebration of our differences and how they may complement each other.

I don't know how I got to that point from my original quote of marrying the one that asks... I'm not gonna lie, it's not like anyone is asking. But I feel like I've had long enough to become secure in who I am as an individual and to know that I don't need someone else to "make me happy." I don't have to say yes to "the one that asks," because I'm willing to wait for the dream guy.

05 June 2009

HG recipe experiment #1 - Death by Chocolate Cake Cones

Pg 218 of the 200 recipes under 200 calories is this delectable treat. I gave it a whirl for tonight's girls' night and it was a delicious hit. The cake was moist and delicious. And for one cone it's only about 93 calories. What's not to like? Holla if you love you some yummy treats!

03 June 2009

A new obsession - HungryGirl

So I'm feeling the need to blog. It's been awhile. I've got ideas... I've underlined parts of Mansfield Park this past read. And I've just not gotten to it. And though I've got those types of ideas, I've decided to write a short blog about Hungry Girl.
Have you heard of her? I saw her most recent book at Sam's Club - 200 recipes under 200 calories. I bought it for one of my BFFs and after I sent it to her I had to get one for myself. I've leafed through it, but haven't tested out any of the recipes yet. Haven't planned well enough for it. But I highly recommend it. She also has a website that you can go to and sign up for her daily newsletter. She's witty and has all sorts of healthy suggestions. So she's a win/win, really :) The friend to whom I sent the book is planning a HungryGirl party with some of her friends and I'm gonna try to coordinate a similar deal with some of my gal pals for a future girls' night! Anyway... check her out. She's rad.

In other news... I got another one. That's right. A clinique bonus. A Free Gift With Purchase (FWP). It's cute. Nordstrom was the scene of the crime. Look how cute it is, though!
Sadly, in OTHER news my cute plants that I planted and wrote about a few entries ago are NOT doing well. The Zinnia flower and the basil had started poking up... but they've fizzled and died and nothing else has popped up. The wildflowers may be taking, though. I'll keep you p0sted if and when they decide to make it. :) Alright, folks, I promise to try to be better. I'm falling off all of my wagons.. the blog wagon, the workout wagon. *sigh* Why is it so hard to develop good habits and so easy to lose them??? Argh, I say, ARGH!