05 February 2010

While I'm at it...

Hopefully the comment moderation will come in handy... should i change it to the setting that only registered users can leave comments? thoughts? discuss. Now, moving along... I think I owe you all a proper blog entry with all this hullabaloo.

And who best to turn to, but Jane Austen? By now you all know of my obsession with all things Jane. While at Barnes and Noble recently, I had wandered into the Valentine's Day section and was somehow drawn to: The Jane Austen Companion to Love. Shocking, yes, I know. It is yet another compilation of some of her quotes - both from books and letters she'd written. So, to this book I turn.

"Nothing can compare to the misery of being bound without Love, bound to one, & preferring another. That is a Punishment which you do not deserve." - from a letter to her niece, Fanny Knight.

This is what I am so often talking about. Even in today's society we see that people settle on the one who asks rather than waiting for the one which is actually worth waiting! There are, I'm sure, plenty of reasons for marrying someone for whom you have mediocre feelings... Most of which are probably centered on a lack of self-worth. But really, who are you not to be beautiful and amazing? As long as we are being our best and striving to ever improve and be the happy, confident individuals our Heavenly Father created us to be, we have every reason to expect felicity in life - with or without marriage, I daresay :)

Comment po-po

OK, after reading through the comments from those of my beloveds that would like to stay in my loop, I have decided to give the comment police deal a whirly gig... and see how that goes before I go all out and set this bad mammer jammer to private...