23 July 2009

If You Have to Ask...

Now, I’m a girl. And as such, I tend to overanalyze things with those of the male persuasion. One lesson that I’ve had to learn is that if you’re toiling, wondering, waiting and wishing to know whether or not he’s that into you? He’s just NOT that into you. Actually, I think I realized this upon reading that book.

How much time do we women simply WASTE as we hang on, fret over whether or not we’re ‘good enough’ and overanalyze every nuance of every encounter we’ve had with the object of our affection all in the name of trying to discover whether or not he’s into you. Ladies, this is a waste. Basically, if he IS into you, you won’t be left wondering. He’ll make the effort to see you, talk to you, and generally spend time with you. One thing that men usually do when they’re into a woman is that they will invest their TIME in her.

The hit book and movie, “He’s Just Not That Into You” brought this principle to light. And yet, still there are women all over the world having one sided relationships with men, holding on to any spark of a flicker of a flame in the hope that if she’s just good enough, he’ll like her. All I have to say is you are more than likely TOO GOOD for him. Forget the world, realize your amazingness and focus on what makes you happy. Chances are, pining after a man that is not your equal makes you feel a lot more miserable than happy. Just sayin!

Just as men invest time in the women they’re interested in, women invest emotion. This is why our one sided relationships ache like a “real heartache.” It IS real. But why invest that much emotion into a guy or a non-relationship that will never be? It’s easier said than done. However, as you become aware of it, you are able to recognize the unhealthiness of it all, and ideally stop the unhealthy behavior before it’s too late. And you can get by relatively unscathed. Yes, Love IS a battlefield, but you don’t have to be its casualty.

22 July 2009

The Silent Alarm

What is it about a guy; the moment you’ve decided that you give up, that you’ve HAD it and are DONE with him… He calls/texts/facebooks/whatevers you? What IS this phenomenon? I mean, really. Is there some silent dude alarm in the universe? That lets them know that the girl that’s been being strung [out] along is letting go and in order to maintain some type of sick twisted emotional control over them, they must contact said girl? I’ve had this happen to me time after time, as have many of my friends. Anyone have anything to say about this? If per chance any guys are out there, do you SENSE this pulling away?
I’m not gonna lie… Sometimes, I truly believe that when a guy is NOT into you and he KNOWS you ARE into him… And believe me, girls, he knows. I think he likes to keep you around to feed his male ego. He likes the attention, some may like the control they see they have over you. What IS that? Fortunately, with my lack of crushable men around, I haven’t had to deal with this strange phenomenon in about three years. A friend of mine recently experienced it and I felt it was absolutely blog worthy. Anyone else have any experiences/comments about this? Pray, tell!

06 July 2009

What is Love?

To me, love means many different things. There are different attributes of love. Attributes that are general and that are applicable to all types of love, i.e. romantic love, familial love, platonic love, etc. There are simple general types of behavior that should make it clear that you love somebody.

So I am going to make a list of some of my ideas of what love means to me. Feel free to comment and let me know some of the things that come to your mind when you think of what it means to love someone.

Giving without expectation of receiving
Receiving with gratitude

I think that all of these things are necessary in some form in order for two people to have a successful, happy and peaceful relationship. What are some of your thoughts?