08 March 2010

Come What May

I have not blogged for eternity. Am I really THAT boring? Apparently, I guess I am. One of my gal pals once again saves the day with an idea that I think I can write about. Now, many moons ago, I wrote about the girls that walk in the light, see the post here!

Now, again, I am not one of these girls that walk in the light, thus I don’t particularly have a lot of dating experience, per se. Some may say I’m the Queen of the Unrequited, or the non-girlfriend aka, always the buddy but never the boo. So, the thought then comes down to this: when you are one of the girls that doesn’t date very much, how do you not overthink things when you DO go on a date, or find someone for whom perhaps you could develop an interest?

For example, say you aren’t asked out very often… When it DOES happen, it’s such a novelty, so you put all kinds of pressure on yourself and the situation. Or even if you aren’t presented with many people in whom you can BE interested… When you meet someone new for whom you could potentially develop an interest, how do you not get carried away, thus creating all kinds of pressure and unrealistic expectations?

I guess when all is said and done, it’s just important to focus on the fact that what will happen, will happen… And as we try to keep ourselves realistically grounded, we have a better chance at not creating a non-existent relationship that may lead to an uncalled for heartbreak (all in 15 minutes)!

Of course that’s usually easier said than done isn’t it? It seems to me that anticipation, for some reason, is a hurdle for humans. When we approach any type of change or potential change in life, we tend to get all worked up, anxious or put out simply from the anticipation of an event/circumstance, and the anticipation is often worse than the actual occurrence! The only solution I can come up with, is that in order to best endure these situations in life, we must focus on being solid in our principles, having faith in ourselves and our God, knowing that He will guide and direct us as we are willing to heed Him. I think that when we are happy where we’re at in our life, we can always weather whatever might come our way. It’s when we are placing our happiness/contentment on the next phase or experience that we end up lost, unhappy and filled with regret. Carpe Diem, people! Seize the day, YOUR day, be happy where you are, and with who you are, and come what may, you’ll be ready for it and you’ll be happy to greet it!