14 January 2011

Is winter over yet?

I said BRR!! It's cold out here! Well, in here, too! Anyway, I had to change my blog up a bit as it's been forever, per usual, right? The picture is from my vaca in May to the church historic sites in MO and IL. It was only awesome.

So my holidays were good! My mom and I spent some time up in Michigan with my brothers that live up there. So that was good times. New Year's Eve was chill - my mom and I had some ladies from our ward over and we ended up chatting and snacking all night. A perfect night in really!

Other than that... Things are starting to get pretty hectic. School starts next week - I've got 3 classes. One on Tuesday evening, one on Wednesday evening, and one online. So it ought to be interesting. Plus, I'm working full-time still and of course I am now an Independent Consultant for the Pampered Chef, so I'm doing that on the side. So if you're interested in hosting a show or making a purchase, I'm your girl!
Anyway... All that and my church responsibilities as well! So, I'm about to be a crazy busy girl. But it's all good. Being busy forces me to get better organized and become more productive. Hopefully I haven't taken too much on, but I think all things will fall into place where they need to be.

One thing I've been thinking about is how there will be coming a time, probably in the not so distant future, that I'm going to have to make a decision about my 8-5 job. I've been toiling over it for months - knowing that the time will be coming. It's hard because it's a decent paying job and it's not horrible at all. I get bored and ADD sometimes, yes, and I know that for me - I'm not planning to really move up in my company. It's just not where my career goals lie. I'm planning to have a conversation with my boss and see if there is any possibility in the future for schedule flexibility... However, in the case that there isn't, I will need to consider getting a different job. Either a part-time type job so that I can go to school full-time or something second shift may accomplish my purposes. So if anyone has any ideas about a job that might fit into either of these categories and pays acceptably well... Let me know. I, of course, would loooooove it if my Pampered Chef business was strong enough to carry me through the rest of my schooling, but I'm still just getting started and building it up. It's been great so far. I love the products, I love cooking and socializing anyway, and now I get to make money for doing it. How awesome is that? If any of YOU have any questions about it, feel free to ask away :)

At any rate... I felt that I was highly overdue to update my bloggeroo, and so I did. I am not making any promises that I'll ever be regularly writing in it... I doubt most of you even read it often. And now, without further ado, I will cease my rambling... Adieu!