06 October 2010

Life and stuff

So things are moving right along with my plans for school... I've filled out my FAFSA and am waiting for the school to process my FA info - hopefully I will be able to find a way to fund my educational pursuits without having to incur a ton of debt. Debt is not my idea of fun. Especially in this economy and especially when aside from my vehicle and student loans from 1995 (there's not that much, it's just been deferred for the more part of the last 15 years until more recently) I'm in debt to no one. As far as I know anyway ;)

I'm getting pretty excited at the prospect of starting classes. I've got my transcript evaluation all done and it looks like there are 3 core reqs that I'm gonna need. Boo to having to take my first Math class since Fall 1995. And a science with a lab. Who cares about science?! And a critical thinking class, I believe there are two choices. I keep reading class descriptions and get a little nervous about attending a small liberal arts college... Cause I am a thoroughly conservative libertarian, and there's a lot of liberal mumbo jumbo that can drive me a wee bit batty. So we shall see how this all progresses :)

Anyway... In other news... I started attending Weight Watchers classes about 3 months ago. I really enjoy it. The information isn't new, really, but I have really liked having that return and report accountability. It's helped me to track everything I consume and think twice about what and when I eat, etc. I'm rather enjoying it and really like the other class members. I've lost almost 15 lbs just by doing it - rarely, if ever, exercising. It's not just a clever marketing campaign when they say, "because it works!" Ha. I even explained the points to my mom and she doesn't necessarily write and track everything, but watches what she eats and she's lost 16 lbs in the last 3 months. So it's all pretty exciting stuff. So, the past two weeks or so the LBS have been slow moving, though still downward, which is good! And in the past two weeks I've commented to my WW leader that I "just need to consistently exercise and get over this sporadic mess." So she personally challenged me to work out 5 times this week. I think I'll make it 4 - 1 hour sessions. I've got plans (Blue Man Group) Thursday and I don't work out on Sundays. And I won't have time to workout prior to the meeting Monday night (but can after!). So I'll be interested to see how this week's higher commitment to exercising non-sporadically will affect Monday night's results! Normally, I might say "thick-thinking" (it's a FRIENDS reference), but in THIS case, I might just have to say "thin-thinking!" I may or may not keep you posted. ;)

OK, so I think this might be the longest and most informative blog that I've written in many a moon... So with that, I will bid you adieu.