26 July 2010

Change approaching!

Well I've got my meeting this week with an academic counselor at the College I'm planning to start classes! Hopefully they've received all of my transcripts and I'll be able to get some encouraging news at the meeting. I've already registered for a couple of classes and have been waiting for this meeting to discuss things and make sure that things are on track.

I'm still wondering at times what I REALLY want to be when I grow up. Honestly, more than any worldly career, I'd love to be a wife and mother, but seeing as though I haven't found the right opening for which to apply for that position, I must continue elsewhere! In discussing the idea of careers with a friend of mine, she suggested that I take a career test at my college. I may inquire on that and see what it turns out saying. So stay tuned, and I'll keep you updated :)

Also, if you're interested in Jane Austen, check out: www.janeaustenanonymous.blogspot.com

18 July 2010

Stress Fest

For the love of everything good in this life. The last few weeks have been stress fest for me. I've gotten to that point where corporate America is sucking my will to live. And I feel stuck. Even with the change approaching this fall of returning to school and with the hopes of improving and bettering myself and my situation (which isn't BAD, per se, just AAAAHG). Something has got to give, though. Living a life where on Sunday afternoon all of a sudden a ball of anxiety begins to churn in your stomach because of the approaching week and all that it will bring... Well, that's just not a good thing. Granted, I will be given an opportunity soon to work some from home and the days of 70+ mile one way commutes have come to an end... But I'm wondering if it will ultimately make me feel any better. So I've just been spending much of my life feeling frustrated lately.
It seems to me that there are very few lucky ones out there - very few people that love what they do. I've often heard people say that the real trick to life is to do what you love and find a way to get paid doing it. So if anyone has any suggestions on how I can make bank being me, holla at a sista.

06 July 2010

In the meantime I'll live like there's no tomorrow...

Recently, I had read a few blogs and discussed with a few other “singles” the idea of having held back on life decisions because “what if…” What if I meet someone next year, how can I be in school, move, change jobs, etc. One such blog post, by Why I’m Still Single, discussed this and how, essentially, it equates to basing your life decisions on a person that doesn’t even exist [in your life yet]. I’ve come to realize and accept that while I may have begun this behavior subconsciously, I perpetuated it mini-consciously. You know, not really admitting it to myself even while the thought floats by ever so briefly…

I have decided that the time has come to live my life the way it was meant to be lived. I have been toying with the idea of returning to school for quite some time. I’ve been back in Ohio now for 4 years. I never planned on being here that long, and at the time chose not to attend school with the thought that “I might not be living here next year,” or whatever the excuse may be. Now, I’m saying, "screw that mess!"

I’ve pondered upon it, and this past weekend made the first step. Granted, it’s community college, but education is education and it will work with my work schedule. Although it isn’t working toward what I had previously thought about pursuing, I am pleased at this time with the decision to pursue a degree in Human Resources. I’m in the process now of getting everything squared away in order to begin classes this fall. It’s an exciting change, a new path toward progress. I’m hoping that it will work out with the timing of other life situations so that in a couple of years I will complete an AS in HRM and be able to expand my occupational horizons, perhaps with a move elsewhere and idealy continuing my education further – the options can and will be unlimited. There is no imaginary potential person holding me down or back.

What it all really boils down to is fear. We often doubt ourselves to such an extent that we render ourselves incapable of the potential lying before us. There comes a time when you just have to take a leap into the unknown and allow yourself to realize your capabilities. The trick is to learn to navigate the twists and turns with an open mind and open heart and accept that even when things don’t work out exactly the way we had expected or wanted, it doesn’t mean we’re at a dead end - sometimes the twists and turns are what really fulfill the dreams we didn't even know we had.