04 June 2012

Style? Really?

OK, I know I don't get to blogging very much these days, and for some reason, I really am feeling to post something. I got sidetracked on the best and worst dressed slideshows from the MTV movie awards last night. And I mean, really? REALLY? Here are some of the conundrums...

Now, I love me some Hermione Granger, don't get me wrong, but Emma... Oh, Emma, really? You're only missing your surfboard accessory. I KNOW the MTV awards are nothing compared to like the Oscars, but you might wanna consider a little more class and a little less surf n' turf. I just can't figure out how something like THIS ended up on the BEST dressed list when Kristen Stewart's monstrosity was on the WORST dressed list. I think they're BOTH bad, check out Kristen and see - what do you think?

see what I mean? Now, granted, I didn't watch the show and I'm just looking through these slides, but I didn't even know who most of these "starlets" were, and believe me, the vast majority were rightfully on the WORST dressed list. Now, look at this next one... What list do you think she was on?

This is Louise Roe, whomever that is. THIS was on the WORST dressed list because it's "ill-fitting." I think it's waaaay classier than the other crap that was there! The color is great on her, and it looks COMFY, and I think it's waaaaaaay better than this next diddy that WAS on the BEST list.

Enter Shailene Woodley. Who is she anyway? But really? This is SO BURNT! i.e. UG-LAY. I may have a conservative eye when it comes to fashion, but at least if *I* were a stylist, the people I dressed wouldn't look like ridiculosity.