27 December 2011

Leaping with Faith

I know, I know. I have not had time to blog much this year. It happens, right? My life has been SO overbooked this year (that is a whole blog post idea on its own - overbooking ourselves), and something has been needing to change. As most of you know, last year at this time, I announced that I was going back to school. For the past year, I've been working full-time (with a variety of commute times), I began my Pampered Chef business in November 2010 (message me/comment me if you're interested in learning more about the products or business!), and I've been attending school part-time. This was all in addition, of course to various church responsibilities as well as a desire to have some sort of social life (or something resembling one). There were times this past year when I felt like I was barely treading water. I realized that unless something changed, my academic goals were going to be a sort of "someday" hoped for goal, something that might easily fall by the wayside unless something seriously changed. Well. That something is changing. With one of the most ginormous leaps of faith of my life thus far, I have given my notice at my full-time job and in exchange I am becoming a full-time student.
Right?! I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I truly feel like this is the right thing for my life at this time - I've been pondering and praying about it for months upon months, and now it's actually happening. My prayer NOW is that I am able to continue on this path, accomplish my goals and still be able to provide myself with the necessities of life. There is a lot of dark space in front of me yet, but I know that I've been trying to follow the path that God has prepared for me, and as I continue to seek His guidance I will be able to navigate my way through the unknown path ahead of me!

28 July 2011

Single Lane Traffic Next Five Miles

I've been living back at home now for five years. Close to the time when I moved home and began my commuter life, construction began on the freeway. It began with a bridge. The landscaping around the bridge was moved around and resculpted to allow for an expanded bridge. That job took quite a long time and then they began to expand the freeway itself - and several years later I'm still driving through construction every day.

The other week, I noticed a sign as I was driving on the opposite side of the freeway; surrounded by cement barriers to protect me as I drove on the wrong side of the road, the sign read: Single Lane Traffic Next Five Miles.

I kind of laughed to myself as I made the correlation between this construction zone and my single life - the only difference was that this sign was keeping me updated on how much longer I could expect to be in a single lane. At that moment, I kind of wished that there was some way that the Lord could just give me a little sign to let me know how much longer my life's road would be traveled "alone".

Evenso, as long as I focus on being on the correct road - even when it seems like I'm driving on the opposite side of where I "should" be, I will be able to arrive to my destination safely.

I think that sometimes it's just hard to roll with the punches when our life has turned out so differently than we ever thought it could. The other day, I also had a "how did my life get me HERE" moment. My life is pretty crazy right now - my job is not fulfilling, though Pampered Chef i LOVE and school as well. Those three things piled into my life on top of every other responsibility I may have has driven me kind of insane at times. But I guess the plan is unfolding... The open road lies ahead. There are twists and turns, slower speed limits and even detours at times... But the next stop is in sight. Plans are hoped for and being worked toward... And hopefully soon, the journey will not be as bumpy as I continue heading toward a two-lane traffic pattern ;)

22 May 2011

The heart and its concept of time

Alanis Morissette once sang, "and I have no concept of time other than it is flying," and I daresay most of us can readily agree with that statement. I had a moment though, the other week. A moment when my heart seemed to go back and stand still in time for just a moment before my intellect screamed me back to the here and now.

Have you ever loved someone and simply due to circumstances it was no longer acceptable or appropriate to love them? Again, Alanis sings, "and I never dreamed I would have to lay down my torch for you like this." We move on and get through the initial pain of loss in our heart, and as Felicity (from the show of the same name) once pointed out, it's more like we just learn to live with the broken heart. I guess you could say it heals, but the scars are still there.

The moment I had the other week was simply a moment when my heart just filled with love toward this person that is really not much in my life anymore. The memory of tender times past - a time when propriety had no role in whether or not I loved this person. And I realized how much I miss having someone to love. Even if it was someone that couldn't love me back, or rather, acknowledge that love.

Regardless, it really is good to be in love. And there are moments when I really miss it. Hopefully there will come another time when propriety will be on my side.

Are you there blogosphere? It's me - Angela

Hello strangers! It has been a crazy 2011 so far. My semester is over (straight A's mind you!), which means I survived Meteorology - it was touch and go there for awhile. My Pampered Chef business is doing well, too, which I am loving. It's fun and I am earning money doing it! What a concept, I say!

I'm trying to feel out how things are going to pan out over the next while, though. Things are getting to the point where my school schedule and work schedule are not getting along very well. Definitely "does not play well with others." So time will tell... I'm at present waiting it out to see where I'm led. I've got one summer class and two in fall - at that rate it'll be foreeeeeever until I obtain my Middle School Ed. degree. So as I said, time will tell.

Other things I've been working on - I am planning to walk a 5K on June 11 with the people from my Weight Watchers group. I'm excited to officially complete an official one. I've also signed up to do the Cleveland Heart Walk 5K in August with my co-workers, so I'm working to raise money for that. If you're interested in helping, let me know via message and I'll send you the link - or I may post it to my blog actually at some point in the near future.

Basically, that's the reader's digest condensed version of what the last 5 months has been for me. What have you been up to? Hit me up in the comments section and validate me!

14 January 2011

Is winter over yet?

I said BRR!! It's cold out here! Well, in here, too! Anyway, I had to change my blog up a bit as it's been forever, per usual, right? The picture is from my vaca in May to the church historic sites in MO and IL. It was only awesome.

So my holidays were good! My mom and I spent some time up in Michigan with my brothers that live up there. So that was good times. New Year's Eve was chill - my mom and I had some ladies from our ward over and we ended up chatting and snacking all night. A perfect night in really!

Other than that... Things are starting to get pretty hectic. School starts next week - I've got 3 classes. One on Tuesday evening, one on Wednesday evening, and one online. So it ought to be interesting. Plus, I'm working full-time still and of course I am now an Independent Consultant for the Pampered Chef, so I'm doing that on the side. So if you're interested in hosting a show or making a purchase, I'm your girl!
Anyway... All that and my church responsibilities as well! So, I'm about to be a crazy busy girl. But it's all good. Being busy forces me to get better organized and become more productive. Hopefully I haven't taken too much on, but I think all things will fall into place where they need to be.

One thing I've been thinking about is how there will be coming a time, probably in the not so distant future, that I'm going to have to make a decision about my 8-5 job. I've been toiling over it for months - knowing that the time will be coming. It's hard because it's a decent paying job and it's not horrible at all. I get bored and ADD sometimes, yes, and I know that for me - I'm not planning to really move up in my company. It's just not where my career goals lie. I'm planning to have a conversation with my boss and see if there is any possibility in the future for schedule flexibility... However, in the case that there isn't, I will need to consider getting a different job. Either a part-time type job so that I can go to school full-time or something second shift may accomplish my purposes. So if anyone has any ideas about a job that might fit into either of these categories and pays acceptably well... Let me know. I, of course, would loooooove it if my Pampered Chef business was strong enough to carry me through the rest of my schooling, but I'm still just getting started and building it up. It's been great so far. I love the products, I love cooking and socializing anyway, and now I get to make money for doing it. How awesome is that? If any of YOU have any questions about it, feel free to ask away :)

At any rate... I felt that I was highly overdue to update my bloggeroo, and so I did. I am not making any promises that I'll ever be regularly writing in it... I doubt most of you even read it often. And now, without further ado, I will cease my rambling... Adieu!