25 April 2010

A lady's imagination...

"A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment." - Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice

And this is why Jane Austen transcends time. She understood human nature SO well and characterized so vividly so many of these human idiosyncrasies. P&P was written 200 years ago, and yet I've seen myself fall into this trap that Darcy describes.

It's so easy for women to go from hello to I do in the blink of their mind's eye. I think that it boils down to the fact that we are so in love with the idea of being in love that we hope for it at every corner. The trick is to learn how to rein in this psychotic phenomena. Knowing is half the battle, right ladies?

I think that in my past this rapid succession of a non-relationship has contributed to my perpetual non-relationships. My mind's eye has flashed forward to a happily ever after and I hold on to this fictional story - waiting, wishing, hoping and tormenting myself into yet another broken heart. And yet I must accept most of the responsibility for this broken heart because I had created such a strong attachment to someone that never reciprocated it. I was waiting for the reciprocation, but it never came. And so like Elinor in Sense and Sensibility, I suffer all of the disappointment of a broken attachment without ever having enjoyed the rewards.

I won't lie, though... As much as it sucks to not have much of a "dating pool" where I am now and in the demographic to which I belong, it's usually much more serene than what I'd had before. It's also given me time to solidify my determination to not settle for someone who is a stranger to reciprocity.

And those are my few thoughts for the night... ps, yes, Jane Austen IS indeed my homegirl :)

Mr Clutter update

Well this weekend i've been quarantined due to pink eye. so i straightened up the clutter of my vanity a wee bit. it's so much better. but. i have a LOT of stuff. If you need any clinique lipstick, let me know. I can hook you up. :) And ps, remember the whole free gift with purchase post awhile back? the post with the multitude of pics of makeup bags? yeah. It's April. I've gotten 3 Clinique bonuses this year so far... Is it a sickness? It just might be. pps, pink eye sucks. but crises endured. my eyes are almost normal again! yay for antibiotics!

15 April 2010

Please, Mr. Clutter!

I sang that to the tune of “Please Mr. Custer, I don’t wanna go!” hahah. I’m a freak like that. I will avoid the ceremonious pointing out of the horror of my lack of bloggage and just get on with it ;)

Lately I’ve been feeling really blah. Part of it is that I’ve been practically living in my car and doing so many things away from home that when I AM home, I don’t want to do anything that needs to be done. I’m cluttered. I need to DEclutter so badly. My car, my room, my life, etc. But where does one start?

And then I have begun to wonder: Would I even be READY to be married in the state in which I live? Seriously… SHARE a room with someone? Closet and storage space?! It’s not that I wouldn’t WANT to, mind you, the question is: would I be able to effectively transition to said sharing? Looking around my pitiful and bulging room, it would appear to me that an overhaul is in order. But again, I ask, where does one start? I’ve got storage bins and organizers aplenty… I’ve got who’s its and what’s it galore! You want lots of makeup bags? I got close to 40. Seriously. *sigh*

I think my life needs some new direction, some change, some pull me out of this ruttedness. Is it because Spring is beginning? New life, change and back on the path to a fullness that we call summer? I’m supposed to be in the summer of my life, not the drudgy depths of winter! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not emotionally depressed. Just… stuck right now, I guess. A yearning for whatever it is that’s around the corner… or whizzing down the river… come on deliver to me!!!! This is a random lyric-filled post, too! How many songs can YOU name that I’ve already quoted?! Challenge extended!

OK, ok… any thoughts on decluttering and organizing? Tips and advice and things? It’s getting late, and this post is brought to you by the letters Z and z… Honestly, I’ll try and be better and write more. Just promise me that you’ll comment me and validate me.

Does this mess of a vanity portray my OWN vanity? Sure hope not!!!! Oye!!!