26 August 2010

Update on the approaching change

Hello everyone! Thought I'd update my blog - as per usual my posts are at best sporadic. So previously I'd mentioned returning to school to pursue HR Management... Many of you may know, however, that my first choice was actually Education. I had been looking for online programs for an undergrad in Ed. and it was all to no avail. There were so few of them and it just didn't seem to be working out.
Cut to my meeting with the academic counselor at Lakeland Community College. In our discussions, she told me about the affiliations they have with other schools in order to assess my options for the HRM degree. When I realized that there were options out there that I had not yet been able to consider... I asked if per chance any of these affiliations happened to have an Education degree. There was one with Cleveland State University, though, I would eventually need to go to classes in downtown Cleveland to finish up there [at CSU]. However, the counselor also mentioned another option which is actually nearer! She said that Lake Erie College actually has an Education program. LEC is actually even closer than LCC to where I live. Bonus, right?
That night I began looking into it - dropped the classes for which I had registered at LCC and within the next two days, I had ordered all of my previous transcripts, requested two of my acquaintances to send letters of recommendation and completed the online application (essay and all).
Since then I've just been waiting to hear. I had emailed one of the admissions advisors and wanted to make sure that they had all of my information, and agonizingly it took over a week to hear back. I heard back today and received confirmation that they did indeed receive all of the necessary information and I should hear back on the decision by the end of next week! Yay! So I've got fingers crossed. I'm really hoping this all works out! I'm so anxious to get everything squared away and plan things out with the timeline, determine how long it will take me to actually get my degree (I will need to continue working full-time and attend school part-time at first), etc.
In Ohio there's a middle school education degree which certifies teaching 4th-9th grade. I'm all over that. With this degree, you pick two of four areas of concentration: math, science, language arts and social studies. The latter two subjects will be my subjects of preference. TOTALLY excited. Again, I just hope and pray that everything falls into place for this plan. I've been wanting to do this for quite some time, and it finally feels like this might be the answer! So thick thinking (aka lucky thoughts)!!!