16 September 2010

one your mark, get set and go now!

Got a dream and we just know now! We're gonna make that dream come true!

Guess what? I got in! Yay for Lake Erie College!!!!! I am planning to start school in January, part-time, as I will be continuing to work full-time (for now).
I am waiting to hear back from the transfer students admissions advisor (who is on vaca) about getting an appointment so that I can make my academic plan.
Oh, and figure out how I'm gonna pay for this *eek*! But, I'm super excited. The plan will be to get my degree in middle school education, with my concentrations in language arts and social studies. YAHOO!!!!!!!!

09 September 2010


OK. About a week or so ago, I'd (finally) heard back from a contact in admissions at LEC. In said email, I was informed that a decision should be made and I'd hear something... by the end of LAST week. I've been checking the mail like crizazy every day. I hate the suspense of not knowing.

why is it once we've decided that we can wait forever for something that it actually starts to feel like it will BE forever until that thing is brought to pass. returning to school, marriage, kids. LIFE. Life waits for no one. And yet I'm in the longest proverbial line ever. Just saying.

Hadn't posted for awhile. I thought I'd give you something.