28 July 2011

Single Lane Traffic Next Five Miles

I've been living back at home now for five years. Close to the time when I moved home and began my commuter life, construction began on the freeway. It began with a bridge. The landscaping around the bridge was moved around and resculpted to allow for an expanded bridge. That job took quite a long time and then they began to expand the freeway itself - and several years later I'm still driving through construction every day.

The other week, I noticed a sign as I was driving on the opposite side of the freeway; surrounded by cement barriers to protect me as I drove on the wrong side of the road, the sign read: Single Lane Traffic Next Five Miles.

I kind of laughed to myself as I made the correlation between this construction zone and my single life - the only difference was that this sign was keeping me updated on how much longer I could expect to be in a single lane. At that moment, I kind of wished that there was some way that the Lord could just give me a little sign to let me know how much longer my life's road would be traveled "alone".

Evenso, as long as I focus on being on the correct road - even when it seems like I'm driving on the opposite side of where I "should" be, I will be able to arrive to my destination safely.

I think that sometimes it's just hard to roll with the punches when our life has turned out so differently than we ever thought it could. The other day, I also had a "how did my life get me HERE" moment. My life is pretty crazy right now - my job is not fulfilling, though Pampered Chef i LOVE and school as well. Those three things piled into my life on top of every other responsibility I may have has driven me kind of insane at times. But I guess the plan is unfolding... The open road lies ahead. There are twists and turns, slower speed limits and even detours at times... But the next stop is in sight. Plans are hoped for and being worked toward... And hopefully soon, the journey will not be as bumpy as I continue heading toward a two-lane traffic pattern ;)


Karen Ella said...

Woman. You took the words right out of my mouth. No kidding. I seriously just got on here to possibly post something EXACTLY along those lines. Truth be told, my cousin (the only unmarried one older than me) just got engaged and will be married by October. I am BEYOND elated for him...but also completely blind-sided by the onrushing of self-questioning that has ensued. (Not to mention the other-person-questioning...I swear everyone is terrified that I'm going to implode at the mention of said engagement...) Basically, I'm left here going, really? REALLY? Still? And yet, I'm forced to stay in UT of all places?!?! Gracious.
So, thank you. For saying everything I want to on my blog, but don't dare because too many people know the context and would pole-vault toward their own conclusions.

Elizabeth Downie said...

I needed this today. Thank you! :)